Course Syllabus

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Contact Information



My preferred mode of contact is _______, and I will respond within ________ time frame.

Office Hours

Outline your office hours. Make sure to include a variety of days and times, along with options for remote office hours.

Course Description

Insert course description here.

Course Goals

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to... (these usually come from the department)

  1. Course goal 1
  2. Course goal 2


Grading Scheme
Letter High Score
Low Score
A 100% to 93%
A- < 93% to 90%
B+ < 90% to 87%
B < 87% to 83%
B- < 83% to 80%
C+ < 80% to 77%
C < 77% to 73%
C- < 73% to 70%
D+ < 70% to 67%
D < 67% to 63%
D- < 63% to 60%
E < 60% to 0%

Grade Weights

Assignments = **%
Tests and Quizzes = **%
Attendance = **%

Attendance, Late Work, and Plagiarism

  • Attendance Policy:
    Example- Attendance is required.
  • Late Policy:
    Example - Late assignments will receive a 10% deduction. After one week, no assignments will be accepted.  No late tests may be taken unless a student has extenuating circumstances such as a car accident or hospital emergency.  Notification to the instructor must be made within 24 hours of scheduled test date.  Late tests that have instructor approval are subject to a 20% late penalty and must be completed within one week of scheduled test date.
  • Academic Honesty: Students are expected to complete their own work. If you are caught cheating in this course, you will be subject to academic discipline including the imposition of University sanctions. A description of cheating and possible sanctions is found in the WSU Student Code.

Technology, ADA, and Conflicts

Technology Requirements

Example - In this class, ALL coursework will be submitted electronically. Each student will be required to create and upload digital documents and access web-based software to complete online assignments. The equipment necessary to complete digital coursework includes a computer with an internet connection, a cell phone with a camera, and a printer with scanning capabilities. If a student does not personally own the necessary equipment to digitally submit assignments in this course, they may use the computer lab resources on campus.

Plan ahead! Technical difficulties happen, but it is not acceptable to submit an assignment late because your computer crashes 10 minutes before midnight on the assignment due date. Support services are available. Please call 801-626-7777 for computer related issues, and 801-626-6188 for Canvas related issues.

Cell Phones, Laptops, and Other Distractions

Technology is welcome in the classroom under the condition that it is being used for an educational purposes that relate to this course (i.e.- taking notes, researching topics, submitting journals, taking polls / surveys). Any other use is a distraction to the teaching and learning efforts in the classroom. In an effort to provide a distraction free learning space, students are asked to silence cell phones and refrain from browsing the internet, checking email, or text messaging. If there is an emergency, please leave the room to take a phone call or respond to a text. Blatant in-class disruptions will result in a reduction of attendance points. 

Americans with Disabilities Act

Any student requiring accommodations or services due to a disability must contact Disability Services, who can also arrange to provide course materials in alternative formats if necessary. You can contact the Disability Services office by phone: 801-626-6413, video phone: 1-866-682-8207, or email:

Conflicts Regarding Class Assignments or Content

"as members of the Weber State University academic community, students shall: 

Determine, before the last day to drop courses without penalty, when course requirements conflict with a student's core beliefs. If there is such a conflict, the student should consider dropping the class. A student who finds this solution impracticable may request a resolution from the instructor. This policy does not oblige the instructor to grant the request, except in those cases when a denial would be arbitrary and capricious or illegal. This request must be made to the instructor in writing and the student must deliver a copy of the request to the office of the department head. The student's request must articulate the burden the requirement would place on the student's beliefs." -WSU Policies and Procedures Manual 6-22, Student Code

Course Summary:

Date Details Due